Fun Things to do in Manhattan Beach

Living like a local is easy at the Hi View Inn Manhattan Beach. Located less than a mile from miles of sandy beaches and the Hermosa Beach Pier, the Hi View Inn puts you in the middle of a scenic seaside paradise. Feel like you're away from it all, while still being near LAX, downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood.

Downtown Manhattan Beach

Downtown Manhattan Beach is a very laid back part of Los Angeles. There's the beach, the pier, lots of surfers and beach people and innumerous bars and restaurants here. Seems like every second building along Manhattan Beach Boulevard is a restaurant actually.

The Pier Manhattan Beach

This is an attractive long pier that starts at the foot of Manhattan Beach Blvd in the heart of downtown. The structure itself is attractive and interesting, it has nice views of town, the beach, and the sunset, and it has a little cafe at the end. It is also a popular place for fishing abd grabbing a bit to eat.

The Beach Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach is a coastal city located in southwestern Los Angeles County, California, USA. It is an upscale community, and includes some of the most expensive real estate in California. Manhattan Beach California - the ideal destination for a Los Angeles and Southern

The Strand

The Strand, technically a street, is a wonderful pedestrian/bicycle path that goes right along the beach through town. It is divided into two parts: an upper for pedestrians and a lower one closer to the beach for bicyclists. It is very pelasant and scenic, as well as conventient, allowing one to comfortably and easily walk along the beach from one end of town to the other. In the summer, it is particularly nice since, although the narrow streets in the portion of the city west of Sepulveda Blvd are rather pedestrian friendly, they tend to be stuffy and hot day and night, with no air movement. On the Strand, one can enjoy the cool, generally gentle, ocean breezes that just don't penetrate the narrow streets even one block further from the beach

Round House Aquarium

A round building at the end of the pier, "Roundhouse Marine Studies Lab and Aquarium " holds an aquarium which includes an exhibit of the native flora and fauna of the area. This is not only an aquarium, but also a research lab dedicated to the study and care of our ocean. Questions about the creatures in the aquaria will be answered by docents who are happy to share their knowledge and they have a Tidepool Touch Tank giving us the unique experience of finding out what some of the ocean creatures feel like. This is a great place for the kids and parents alike. Though admission is free, here is a small "donation" of about $2.00 suggested. Take a stroll with the kids to the Roundhouse Aquarium at the end of the historic Manhattan Beach Pier. Rent bikes to ride our paved beach-front bike path, or just roll up your pant legs and collect seashells at low tide.

6-Man Tourney!

A volleyball tournamenet that takes place every summer during the FIRST WEEKEND of AUGUST, just south of the pier. It is a great event that takes place over the whole weekend! Not only do some of the great weekend players come out, but everyone dresses up! For instance, there was the Mexican water polo team last year where the guys all wore tight green speedos and wrapped a Mexican flag around their bodies. It is just one volleyball-playing, beer-drinking party!

Manhattan Beach Blvd

Just up from the Pier is Manhattan Beach Blvd, one of the main drags in town. The closest establishments to the beach were, yes, the bars. And, even in the afternoon, they were hoppin'! If you need a break from the beach, take a walk on Manhattan Beach Blvd, and some of the surrounding streets too. Check out the shops, restaurants, and become a part of Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach Open

Manhattan Beach Open (Usually around August) The top pro beach volleyball players come out to flex their muscles. Check out the action or enjoy the scenery. There are usually vendor booths set up with free giveaways.

Manhattan Beach Surfing

Moderate to locally solid long period WNW swell is peaking this morning, however shape is mostly poor-fair for most of the beach breaks in the South Bay. Structured areas if you know where to look are best with fair to even good shape at times. Many exposures are running 4-6'+ with the better breaks in the 5-7'+ range though a little inconsistent. Top standout focal points that are magnifying the swell are hitting upwards to 8-9'+ at times. Tide heads out to a .65' at 11:30am and the ocean surface is smooth and glassy as of report time.

Manhattan Beach Volleyball

Play volleyball in the sand. Many believe that Manhattan Beach is the birthplace of beach volleyball. Manhattan Beach hosts mnay volleyball tournaments.